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Pretty in Peplum

Pep-lum (pep-luhm):

  1. A short overskirt or flared ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.

Peplum fit for a Princess

Ahh peplum, the ultra chic flounce at the waist that celebrates the waist-to-hip curve, creating a signature silhouette, that is both sexy and demure. Killer combo.

Peplum glamour at the Oscars 2012

It’s no surprise that Peplum is the epitome of elegance as its design was first introduced to the fashion world by Christian Dior in the late forties early fifties. This glamorous look made a huge catwalk comeback last year, hitting the high street in record time.

Earlier this year, celebrities adorned themselves throughout the Awards Season with oodles of Peplum pieces that had us glued to that red carpet coverage with pure lust, and the trend is still going strong.

So how can us mere mortals pull it off? It’s all about the perfect fit and committing to the overall style to achieve catwalk couture at home.

A Peplum dresses will cut you twice on the body- once at the waist and then again where the skirt ends, so in order to fully elongate your form (especially those ladies with a longer torso or bigger bust) choose a skirt that is longer in length, for a sleeker more elegant finish.

Peplum at Dorothy Perkins, Ground Floor BHS

Peplum isn’t just limited to dresses. You can find both tops and skirts that add this dainty flourish. If you’re opting for a Peplum top, make sure that you team it up with a pair of skinny jeans or fitted capri pants, so that the Peplum at the waist is fully accentuated. The same principle applies for a Peplum skirt, combine it with a fitted top tucked in, to ensure that the Peplum is always the widest part of the outfit. It’s all about creating that feminine silhouette.

Ladies, St Albans does us proud. Hidden all over town are some little Peplum gems.

The Dorothy Perkins hiding on the ground floor of BHS, has some beautiful samples of perfect peplum on offer. The manikin shows off a delicate version of Peplum that gently drapes the curve of the waist. But the favourite here, is a shorter, sassy, pink bow number that takes Peplum and makes it young, flirty and fun.

Huge variety at Topshop

Topshop however, comes up trumps on the Peplum score. Full marks Topshop.  It has a whole wrack dedicated to this stylish fashion feature. Bold floral prints and strong block colours give you plenty to choose from. The dresses follow a similar design and the lovely deep ‘V’ neck line at the back, guarantees that this dress is as much of a showstopper from the back as it is from the front.

Bodycon, Peplum homage at French Connection

French Connection had my personal favourite in store this week. A sexy, navy number, that paid homage to the Peplum trend by having a subtle pleated edging around the waist, where the Peplum would sit. Its body con style and lace back, means that there is nowhere to hide in this dress. But if you’ve got it, flaunt that silhouette in this little beauty.

My secret bargain gem this week is a Peplum dress found on the Market, on a stall situated just outside Thomas Cook. Martin, the lovely owner, told me that his £15 polka dot Peplum dress was a bestseller and I can completely see why!

These aren’t like most pieces wilting in your wardrobe. Peplum is a statement piece, it’s part of an overall ‘look.’ Embrace the style, team it with a gorgeous pair of heels, immaculate hair and nails. Be polished, perfect and overall pretty in Peplum.

Pretty Peplum bargain at the Market

One comment on “Pretty in Peplum

  1. thenauticalwheeler
    July 31, 2012

    Such a lady-like look! love it



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