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Picture Perfect: Gallery Rouge

If I could have a do-over, go back to University and start out all over again, then I think I would have studied History of Art, or Art History, whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.

That was one of my favourite things about living in London, there was so much access to incredible art on your doorstop. I would frequently go, enjoy the view and the peace, and wish to myself that I knew more. Fortunately for us, Kuldip Chohan has brought a piece of that home for us here in St Albans, bringing an ‘Art Scene’ as it were, to our own little city.

Gallery Rouge, Chequer Street

Do not be fooled into thinking that it is simply a portal to buy lovely art- the purchasing of the pieces, is the added treat, the Gallery Rouge, does exactly what it says on the beautifully lit and laid out tin, it is indeed, a Gallery. Go in and have a browse, speak to one of the wonderful members of Kuldip’s team and if you’re oh so lucky, take a piece home with you.

Though set outside of London, this is no provincial affair, no no. The Gallery boasts the largest and widest selection of art in Hertfordshire and frequently draws the attention of international collectors. They have an extensive list of artists that they work with and some that they even exclusively represent.

John-Mark Gleadow, Bibliotheque VII

Gallery Rouge isn’t just a platform for new/current artists, it held a Salvador Dali exhibition earlier this year, which I am deeply gutted that I missed. Despite this dip into Surrealism, I find that the artists that Kuldip brings to St Albans are hugely accessible. I think that they suit audiences from each end of the spectrum, from complete novices to the seasoned collector. The work is intriguing and inspiring, from the precision of John Mark Gleadow’s Hyper Realist book spines (up right) to the fluidity and luminescence found in Kal Gajoum’s Impressionist palette knife oil cityscapes (down left). I could most certainly love and live with a number of pieces on offer.

Kal Gajoum pieces at Gallery Rouge in July 2012

If you are in the market for some art, then you can do no better than popping in to have a chat with one of the team. If you’re a collector or looking for an investment then they can advise you here, or if would just like something beautiful for your home, then Gallery Rouge are here to help. Kuldip will even come and view the space in need of sprucing and then begin the quest to find your perfect piece from there. Talk about service.

I will be a frequent visitor to Gallery Rouge, bringing you the latest in what’s happening, as it’s happening. I hope to bring you news straight from the Artists’ lips and perhaps even get Mr Chohan himself to part with some of his expert knowledge too.

It’s not a do-over exactely, but a crash course that I simply cannot wait to start!

27 Chequer Street  St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 3YJ

One comment on “Picture Perfect: Gallery Rouge

  1. Natalia Spyrides
    August 19, 2012

    This is a truly inspiring blog which has brought to life a gallery that I walk past almost every weekend. I am moving to London and would love a beautiful piece of art…I shall be visiting here!

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