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The Dressing Room of your dreams

The Dressing Room’s beautiful, bold shopfront

Wednesday was a very busy day for the wonderful girls at The Dressing Room. Earlier in the day the incomparable Deryane Tadd and her beautiful marketing right hand lady, Miss Jaime Lloyd-Jones, went to the Drapers Fashion Summit in London. Here, the fashion elite come together to, ‘learn, share and debate the future of the industry.’ Sounds like my kind of summit.

As a winner of multiple Draper Awards herself, Deryane was not only speaking at the summit this year but also found herself appointed as a judge at this year’s national awards. And, if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, this perfect pair then dolled themselves up, Dressing Room style, and graced the Drapers Awards to celebrate with the fashion industry. Not too shabby for a Wednesday.

For a provincial store to play with the big city retailers and not only hold their own, but kick some serious ass, is a phenomenal achievement and one that should not be underestimated. This beautiful store that graces our high street actually puts St Albans on the map in the Fashion World as a place that houses exclusive, cutting edge and overall fabulous fashion.

Deryane Tadd, the brilliant and beautiful owner of The Dressing Room

It significantly raises the bar of our high street offering, literally making St Albans a destination zone outside of London to come and shop. This year alone The Dressing Room was crowned one of Vogues 100 Best Shops Outside of London and also Glamour’s 25 Top UK Shops you Need To Know. It has been recognised time and time again for its excellence both in store and online and I for one am deeply proud to have them as a sparkling gem in our cityscape.

So what makes The Dressing Room so successful?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that it’s frontage is one of the prettiest and most appealing stores in St Albans, but, it’s what’s on the inside and what’s at its heart that makes it a real triumph.

I have yet to come across a staff that enjoy coming to work and working with each other as much as The Dressing Room crew do. This warm partnership that Deryane has nurtured amongst her girls goes a long way to contributing to the high level of work produced behind the scenes and customer service offered in store.

Gorgeous peacock window display on show this Christmas

At its heart is the brilliantly smart Deryane Tadd, the Queen of Indie fashion Retail in St Albans, continually pioneering all that is great about local independent stores. In a high street that is saturated with chains, at either end of the spectrum, Deryane has worked hard to carve out a loyal and dedicated following, purely as a result of knowing her customer so very well.

She knows exactly what they want and guides them through season by season. You know that everything on the shelves has been personally selected for you by Deryane. From premium and specialist brands she selects only a few pieces, so that her customers can buy in the knowledge that not everyone in St Albans will be wearing the same thing.

There is no doubt that The Dressing Room would fit in perfectly in the heart of London, and that is because of the exacting standards and perfect execution from The Dressing Room team on every single level. From the avant garde peacock Christmas window display, to the way the shop is laid out, Deryane brings a London standard shopping experience and level of fashion to St Albans.

It has been said that the slightly more timid St Albanite might feel that they are not a typical Dressing Room customer. But, the fact is, this isn’t London, this is a local independent boutique, where everyone is warmly welcomed, no matter your age, style or budget. Deryane prides herself on offering pieces from affordable every day essentials to top end special items and everything in between. So, I’d encourage you to stop starring in with awe and wonderment, and give it another go. Pop in, have a browse and lose yourself in what is, the Dressing Room of your dreams.

Why not start this weekend!

This Sunday welcomes The Dressing Room’s fabulous Christmas Event to town.

The festive spirit will well and truly be embraced this Sunday 25th November as The Dressing Room offer their customers treats and delights from 12.00pm-5.00pm.

Enjoy 10% discount in store on Sunday, whilst sipping a wonderful Christmas Cocktail courtesy of Mokokos, another independent gem.

A fabulous Raffle will also be held in aid of Grove House, so that in the true spirit of Christmas, you can give as well as receive!

But, on the top of every girl’s Christmas wishlist is the deeply coveted Dressing Room goodie bag. That’s right, goodie bag. For the first 50 customers through the door on Sunday, a sacred goodie bag awaits you. So make sure you get there early to avoid tears and tantrums.

I started off this post, with the intention of tweaking another piece that I had written about The Dressing Room’s Fashion Show, which is most certainly coming (!) but, I couldn’t let this week go by without sharing with you, what some of you might not know, about the successes of one of our very own little independents.

6-8 High Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire

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This entry was posted on November 23, 2012 by in Events, Fashion.

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