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5 min PODCAST: Top tips to look tip top at this year’s Office ChristmasParty

Office Christmas Party Top Tips

Welcome to the 3rd Style in my City Podcast. This latest poddy is all about Style tips for the Office Christmas Party.

Ah, the Office Christmas party. The most forced ‘casual’ environment of any professional’s calendar.

Under the guise of miscellaneous merriment, you will all aboard the Interdepartmental Express, on the fast track to Shmooze-ville.

You may love/like/merely tolerate (delete where appropriate) those you work with, but however you feel about your colleagues, for one night only you get a free pass to show your co-workers what you are ‘really’ like.

Be yourself indeed, but not too much! Monday will come around again and you will regret that ‘Dear Diary’ sharing with Margie from Reception, or that Jessica Rabbit-meets-Erin Brokavitch attitude that you whipped out for your Boss.

Co-workers become friends, friends gossip about co-workers and all with an open bar. Risky.

Will you kiss gorgeous Mark from accounts? Will grabby Joe from HR corner you under the mistletoe? Whatever dreams or nightmares lay in store for you this Office Party make sure that you at least take this opportunity to dazzle and look your damn finest.

My podcast Queen, Natalie B, went around St A to talk to our boutique beauties to get some Top Tips on looking tip top this party season.

From how to dress party ready, to a mini style make over in the loo half an hour before the bubbly start a’flowin.

Make a cuppa and take note ladies.

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 Podcasts are available from the Style in my City website, to stream  (press the play button above) or download, and will soon be available for download from iTunes.

Many thanks to Deryane at The Dressing Room, Donna from Chloe James and Leah from The Green Boutique.


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This entry was posted on December 9, 2012 by in Fashion, Podcasts.

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