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I grew up in St Albans, so naturally I completely took it for granted. I couldn’t wait to leave. But then one day, whilst at University, I stopped dead in an oddly familiar cobbled market square, looked around me at the classic building frames cocooning smart contemporary stores and realised that I had chosen a city for myself that was essentially a larger version of home.

As I grew older, I moved around A LOT and really came to see and appreciate just how lovely St Albans really was.  I also noted how each place that I attempted to set up home had huge similarities to St A-coincidence? Methinks not.  St Albans had set the bar so high, that I was essentially a very precocious, demanding and spoiled house hunter. ‘What do you mean there isn’t a lake or Roman artefacts within a ten minute walk?’ and simply aghast, ‘THE local, A local, ONE singular local pub? You’re joking surely?’

I used to be afraid that if I moved back to St Albans that I would be going backwards, that, and the sheer proximity to my mother was unnerving… but I’ve found that every time I have come home, it has something new to offer, and it suits me. St Albans is my mothership and it called me home.

So, I want to reach out to the teenager stuck here desperate to fly the nest, to the local who has become complacent and to shiny newcomers to show them all just how much our little city has to offer.

It’s not just about the fancy places or the pretty places, but about the great market stalls, the wonderful theatre/art/music that is put on everyday in and around the city, the amazing independent shops and eateries that hideaway in the maze of roads that circulate town.

I’ve got a list that will keep me busy for a lifetime, but if you know of somewhere that belongs on this blog, then I’d love to hear from you, so please just get in touch.


All these views are my own.

You wont read anything negative as I only write about things that I believe in and support.

I do not write reviews in exchange for goods.

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    April 20, 2013

    Would you like to help me?. I hope it so much!
    Actually i have changed my theme to suburbia like your theme. But i don’t know how to make widget in footer like yours. And my blog is
    Thank you very much!

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